The Strawberry Tree – Spanish

Apr 2019

The Strawberry Tree, Arbutus Unedo, is the symbol of Madrid. This pretty tree is common across the Iberian Peninsula and has a rich cultural history. The fruit ferments easily and is often made into a liqueur; the wood is prized for charcoal and the bark can be used for tanning leather; while the leaves have various medicinal properties. The fruit hangs from the evergreen tree like beautiful Christmas baubles – but they take five months to form after the flowers are pollinated. This means that last year’s fruit and this year’s flowers appear on the tree at the same time – extremely unusual!

In short, the Strawberry Tree is highly diverse, intriguing and authentically Spanish – something to inspire us!

Between us, we have spent more than 60 years living in and travelling the Iberian Peninsula. We love Spanish food and drink, its regional diversity and the stories that it tells. We hope we can share this with you through our events and experiences – whether tastings, pop-up pintxos or tapas evenings, cook & dine days or cookery weekends in Spain.

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