The Monmouth Table

The Monmouth Table was born on the pebbles of Monmouth beach in Lyme Regis, Dorset.

It is a project that aims to bring seasonal and honest food  in and around the Jurassic Coast with pop up dining events cooked by chef Annie Coplestone and served by Carlotta Paolieri.

Annie started her cooking career exactly in this area, working at River Cottage when she was 19 years old and moving later to the River Cafe’ in Hammersmith. She then headed to Barcelona where she lived and worked until last year, before returning to the UK to work at Moro in London.

She brings back to her hometown her passion for locally sourced produce and fresh Mediterranean flavours. She can generally be heard laughing  from several towns away.

Carlotta worked in London for over 10 years in the hospitality business.  Starting as waitress at Sketch in Conduit Street, she worked  her way up as bartender and manager in various bars and restaurants before heading to Australia for a yearS experience.  She moved back to the UK with her smile unscathed and willing to put her experience into practice.

The Monmouth Table believes in freshly cooked  food bursting with flavours to share with your fellow diners served with a friendly and relaxed service.

Because we are born on the sea, we mostly cook fish.  Our other ingredients fare from organic local farms.

Annie 07763696904 & Carlotta 07425969079

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